The Engaged Space

A 30-day creative space where you’ll discover the secret to Momentum, Fulfillment,
Joy and Progress in your Business and Life

30 days to take your ideas from thought to action. A creative, inspiring space to see what happens when you let go of attachment and just enjoy the game. Experience a collaborative, supportive community. A no-risk space to try that thing you’ve always wanted to do. To take your business to the next level. To test ideas and finally see progress in an area that has been challenging. Immerse yourself in this light-hearted and fun experiment of engagement.

Authentic success is simply the result of listening to and acting on your wisdom rather than pushing from the fear and insecurity of the ego.

WHAT THIS IS: An opportunity to…
  • Experience new levels of inspiration and fulfillment in your business or life
  • Surprise yourself and see new potential and possibilities emerge
  • Tap into a natural momentum
  • Make progress where there wasn’t any before
  • Feel the joy of creating and engaging
  • Take a leap
WHAT THIS IS NOT: An opportunity to…
  • Get your act together
  • Push, pressure or stress yourself out
  • Kick yourself in the butt
  • Judge yourself for not “making it happen” or working hard enough

Have you had an idea that keeps nagging at you but you can’t seem to take a step? Do things seem stalled or slow in your business? Have you struggled to find the ‘right’ thing or the ‘right’ direction? Do you yearn to try something new? Have you dreamed of taking a leap like starting your own business, but it just seems too hard? Do you hold yourself back waiting for more information or to be better prepared?

What if the secret to creating in business and life is the simple act of engaging? Specifically, engaging with nothing on it and with no attachment.

Over and over again, in our work with others, we see there is a mistaken belief that we need to ‘work it out’ internally before we act. We think we need more confidence before we start. We believe we have to figure out the best way or the best direction. We feel we need to get our “ducks in a row” beforehand. We prioritize analyzing all the possible failure scenarios before we commit.

What if none of these are true? What if success is the result of engaged action that feels good and is informed by your own wisdom — tailor made for you? What if progress does not require pushing yourself, going beyond your comfort zone, or forcing yourself to take action in ways you don’t want to?

In the simple and powerful act of engaging in the next step magic happens. We get clear, we get informed, we get inspired. Momentum gathers and we tap into the creative flow. We experience more levels of joy, fulfillment and authentic inspiration.

Want to see what we mean? Join us for 30-days of The Engaged Space and see what emerges in your life and business

When does it take place?

October 2nd – October 31st

What’s included:
  • Weekly live webinars hosted by Barb Patterson & Rohini Ross where you will get coaching, feedback, hear the wisdom of others and get inspired by the group momentum
  • Calls take place every Monday from 8am-9am PT / 11am-12pm ET / 4pm-5pm UK; October 2nd, 9th, 16th, 23rd & 30th. Calls will be recorded if you cannot make them live.
  • Daily videos with insights, encouragement and helpful tips along the way
  • Private FB group to interact with and get inspired by others
Themes we will explore together:
  • The power and joy of getting in over your head
  • Standards and expectations: good idea or bad idea?
  • How to tap into momentum
  • Getting comfortable with speed/velocity
  • The next step vs the goal
  • Being present vs being prepared
  • Leveraging the creative process
  • Real-time feedback and listening for wisdom in the moment
  • Authentic action

Why Rohini and Barb?

Rohini & Barb used to think the only way to create a successful life or business was to push hard and strive. Stress and pressure seemed to go hand in hand with trying something new or achieving success. Over the last 5 years, as they’ve come across an understanding of how the mind works and the true nature of potential, they have tapped into new levels of performance, joy and connection in their own work, and they are committed to sharing this with others.

Through understanding these principles and letting their authentic nature take the lead, they have experienced new capability, potential and impact, often taking them beyond what they thought was possible in their own work and life.

Rohini & Barb see daily the power of engagement in their own businesses and lives as well as with their clients.

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